Trademark Infringement

Other parties cannot use your trademark, or any similar mark, on identical or similar goods/services for which your mark is registered without your consent. If they do so, they may be infringing your trademark registration. If you have registered a trademark and believe that another party is infringing your rights, contact us now for a free no obligation consultation to discuss the options available to you. We will assess whether it is appropriate to issue a Cease and Desist letter. A Cease and Desist letter is a letter requesting another party to stop using a trademark which is infringing your trademark rights. If they do not comply, a further letter might be sent or legal action taken.

If you have received a Cease and Desist letter, claiming that you are infringing the trademark rights of another party, please contact us for advice. Trademark infringement is complicated and it may not always be clear whether a registered trademark has actually been infringed. We will review any correspondence you have received and provide preliminary advice on your situation at no charge. You may then choose to engage our services to respond to the letter on your behalf.

Please contact us if you are interested in the above or have any questions.

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